Limit Theory introduces a variety of roles that players can assume as they build their fleets and interact with NPCs[1]. Players are not pigeonholed into a role, however; due to the nature of the game, players may assume one or all of the roles whenever they choose.

Roles Edit

Taken from the official site.

Merchant Edit

You have explored the farthest reaches of the universe, and know exactly where and for what price anything can be bought. For the right price, you can move anything. You supply what is demanded, and demand what you deserve - which is substantial...because you do so much more than move goods. You supply the universe.

Admiral Edit

You command a ship that dwarfs everything in sight. Frigates and cruisers hover about you, pretending to offer protection, but you don't need it. At the first sight of an enemy, hundreds of bolts carrying terrawatts of energy pour out of your ship, vaporizing the unwanted presence in seconds. Slowly and steadily, you drift from system to system, steamrolling those who oppose your authority. You conquer the universe.

Explorer Edit

You move quickly between systems in a nimble ship. With a keen eye and even keener sensing technology, you pick up all the details that everyone else misses. Selling ore locations to miners, enemy ship locations to warring factions, and uncharted system locations to aspiring empire-builders, you broker your knowledge to those that are ignorant of the beautiful and bountiful universe around them. You uncover the universe.

Pirate Edit

That's what they call you, but you prefer to think of yourself as an "opportunist," because, when the opportunity arises, you can and will take what you want, unlike those bound by the chains of law. Your home station resides in dense, unscannable clouds of dust. In this dark blanket of matter, you are untouchable by the arrogant hands of the law. You exploit the universe.

Wingman Edit

You fly alongside hulking ships that make your fighter look trivial. But you aren't. You are critical. You know where and when the ambush will come - you've seen it a thousand times before. You know that they'll go for the engines first, and that, while they're doing so, you'll acquire a perfect lock on their fuel tanks. The pirates think it will all be over in a few minutes. They're wrong. It'll be over in seconds, but not how they anticipate. You protect the universe.

Miner Edit

You can spot the shimmering reflection off of asteroids a light year away. You know the color and composition of each and every raw ore that the generous galaxy provides. In the deepest, darkest corners of space, you harvest that which will become warheads, turrets, and even ships. You are the very heart that pumps blood through the arteries of the universe. You create the universe.

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